Don't know why you are feeling like crap?   This book will truly help you find the right path to sorting out your health concerns  

An eye-opening guide on how functional medicine works  and  why the medical approach has failed us

Why Hormonal Balance is the key to longevity


Lifestyle factors and foods that destroy hormone balance,  and what we can do about it


How to gain control over food addictions, sensitivities and eating disorders


How to listen to your body, heeding warnings signs and symptoms of disruption

Have you spent most of your life
Just trying to FEEL GOOD?
Are you: 
-crashing in the afternoon?   
-feeling fatigued and overwhelmed in life? 
-having difficulties with 'the last 10 lbs'? 
-overly emotional? 
Do you:
-crave carbohydrates, sugary snacks,
and alcohol? 
-hate exercise and procrastinate doing it?
NEWSFLASH: Health and Fitness
is NOT  ONE SIZE fits ALL!
The right COACHING PROGRAM can save you YEARS of frustration and self destruction (trust me, I've done it all for you) and they can help you actually ENJOY a healthier way of life
...and make it YOUR NEW WAY of life for GOOD!

Stop suffering,


People Talk

"...her own personal experience has been a driving force in her helping others understanding the root cause of what is going on ...."

"...Tonja will help you discover what your roadblocks and obstacles are, and then examine those thought patterns in order to change them...."

"Tonja has an in depth perception for well being.  She can articulate what I am not able to, in words that open up my thinking patterns..."

What is confusing you where your health is concerned?

What  exactly is 
 and how will it benefit ME?

1 Your digestive system is connected to your emotional               system??

When all else seems to fail, gaining control over your emotional life can help you make changes where dietary issues are a concern.  Speak to a doctor of natural medicine about this.

2 Visualizing how will you LOOK and FEEL helps you                 reach your ultimate health/weight goals?

Just like any other goal in life, you want to VISUALIZE yourself in a new state of being,  or a BETTER body.  Seeing yourself this way, in your minds eye each day, helps you achieve your ultimate goals.

3  Making small lifestyle changes daily, can add up to                  ONE BIG CHANGE over a a short period of time

Let's face it, taking control of your health can seem overwhelming, but  It does not have to be.  SMALL changes daily can make a big difference overall.  Keep your goals in mind, and focus on ONE day at a time, and before you know it, you will be THERE!


1  "Butter, fat and oils make you FAT"

This really has to be one of the biggest lies in health that we have probably ever learned.  When choosing the types of fats we consume, Its more the SOURCE of fats that and the processes to get it that we should be concerned with.   Without fats, we can not properly absorb all the nutrients from our foods.   REAL, pure fats are absolutely  paramount for hormone balance and overall health. 

2  "Exercising longer and harder makes you

           lose  more weight" 

Another health felony!  Depending on your current state of health, certain types of exercise can actually exacerbate your health condition, and pack on MORE weight.   Another reason why you want to test hormones regularly to get optimal results with exercise.

"You can eat what you want

          as long as  you exercise"

Studies clearly show that its MORE about the FOOD and less about the exercise.  Better FUEL means better PERFORMANCE.  Start from the inside out.  Amp up your game with proper exercise AFTER you clean out toxins,  hydrate and nourish properly, and you can expect better results.

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